MZM Care Is The Philanthropic Arm Of One of India’s Premier White Collar Crime Law Firm, MZM Legal.

About Us

MZM Care is the philanthropic arm of one of India’s premier white collar crime law firm, MZM Legal. The founding Partners of MZM Legal, Mrs Suzanne Z. Memon and Mr. Zulfiquar M. Memon created this Platform to give back to the society, generously thereby creating a forum for other like-minded professionals to join and serve the cause of Humanity.

MZM Care focuses on the needs of underprivileged children and address issues related to their medical condition and basic education. The aim of the Foundation is to reach out to the Rural India and drive an initiative to empower the rural women, provide them with basic education and make them aware of their basic rights. In addition to this, the Foundation has joined hands with various small organisations, schools and medical centres across India to provide aid in any manner to help their cause.

Our Founders

Zulfiquar Memon and Suzanne Memon

Zulfiquar M. Memon and Suzanne Memon have been actively involved in philanthropic activities for the last decade and have been working closely with various charitable organisations and orphanages catering to their needs in a small, yet effective way. They founded MZM Care to drive this initiative on a larger platform and to motivate other professionals / friends and family to join in and contribute to the society. With MZM Care, they jointly look into organising various events, set up medical camps and join hands with smaller, less fortunate organisations who need financial aid and assistance in their noble initiatives.

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